Lost and Found. 5

  Mekki rose from the seat and strolled to the balcony. Dr Abike’s office had a small flower garden to the back. That was where they had spent most of the first meeting, sitting on swing chairs with feet buried in the lush lawn. She strolled to the chairs and sat on one, allowing her … Continue reading Lost and Found. 5


Sayings of the wise 7.

What happened that evening is something none of them will ever forget. The occasion was the fifteenth anniversary of their secondary school graduation. They had all gotten invitations months prior. Actually, they had all talked about it for three years, and looked forward to it. The day meant different things to all of them. There … Continue reading Sayings of the wise 7.

Sayings of the wise. 6

The day was too young to be having a heated, fruitless argument, so I watched as my friends went on about whether I was smart or not. One thing was sure, Dele was right, and his argument resonated with my mother’s teachings; there’s no excuse to take what’s not yours even when it’s in your … Continue reading Sayings of the wise. 6

Sayings of the wise. 5

It was prize giving day and all my kids were happy. Rabi and Ayuba, because that marked the beginning of the holidays, Rahila, because she was receiving the prize for Mathematics. Rahila had been extraordinarily happy since the results for her mock exams were released and she scored a hundred percent in Mathematics. I was … Continue reading Sayings of the wise. 5

Sayings of the Wise. 4

‘Why won’t we just stop and think about our actions?’ I brooded. ‘What actions?’ Russell asked. I was startled. I didn’t even realize that I was talking out loud. I ignored him, since he had even shifted his attention to something else anyway. Memories of years before came to me. The lessons I had learnt … Continue reading Sayings of the Wise. 4

Sayings of the wise. 2

On this matter, I’m not sure where to lay the blame; social media or the Internet. While communication has become easier, people have also become very impatient, slow to understand, and quick irritable. However, it is safe to say that it has unleashed the children of anger. They are curt, and their responses are instant … Continue reading Sayings of the wise. 2